In the beginning there was the word and the world was paradise.


In an article I published on my LinkedIn feed a few weeks ago, Harvard Business Review claims a bold title: “Saving the planet from ecological disaster is a 12 Trillion dollar opportunity.”

Twelve trillion dollars. Enough money to restore the forests, feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. Perhaps that’s not what they meant. Perhaps they meant organizations that are currently making money could possibly change their operations into a more restorative and regenerative mindset. Organizations that currently make money from generating the ecological disaster in the first place.

In order for that to happen, people have to change and people don’t like to change. So it’s not the current organizations that will have a large piece of this juicy twelve trillion, it’s the new ones.

The startups, the dreamers, the people like the founders of AirBnB who ask their employees: “If this was your last year alive, would you still be applying for this job?”

They ask this for a very simple reason: the status quo of doing business, the modus operandi of measuring success, the traditional mindset of cycle after cycle of economic boom, bubbles and disastrous crashes no longer works to our benefit. It works to the benefit of a few and leaves the rest of us paying taxes and giving to charity to cover up holes and patch gross mistakes of governance avoiding responsibility for their people.

The UN has long since outlined their sustainable development goals. They haven’t changed for thousands of years. End poverty. Provide education. And in the aftermath of the twentieth century, end ecological destruction of the planet on which we live. Directives. Accountability. Agreements. Have you seen the newspapers lately? How do we hold accountable those who go against everything we believe and know is right and just?

Blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that is decentralised and democratic by its very zero and one nature. It’s currently in its infancy, where old systems of doing business, the cycle of artificially inflated growth and crash are being tested from banks to government to companies. Companies ask themselves: how can we cash in on this technology that generates cash? Rightly so. Making money is a wonderful goal because it allows companies to pay their employees a fair living wage in line with the 2% or 5% or whatever the inflation rate is in your country lately. It allows companies to distribute their dividends among its shareholders. It allows further investment in research and development. In other words, money is a tool.

Blockchain is a technology that would allow a system of governance of true democracy.

It’s a technology that would allow for an unprecedented citizen of the world ID.

It’s a technology that can overhaul the way we do business.

It’s up to people to decide what they do with it. It’s up to every single person who is in charge of blockchain related projects where their money, energy, and time goes.

If you were to die tomorrow, would you still do what you are doing right now?

I’m asking because the intensity and commitment required to actually turn the tide on everything we rage against only comes from being completely honest with yourself about what you want to do.

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

What do you want to be known for?

The old or the new?

Karavan Blockchain is essentially an R&D hub. We are testing the circular economy business model from the start.

Can we build a business that is restorative and regenerative by nature using blockchain technology?

Is it viable?

What does it take to make it viable?

We are doing this because the blockchain we are designing is built to support the circular economy model of our clients.

Needless to say, patents and copyright on methodology ensue. I have seen enough of the business world on many continents that leaves me under no illusion as to the kind of people I’m dealing with. Nothing wrong with people. It’s just more beneficial for everyone involved to be aligned on the kind of business practice we choose to engage in.

My investors, stakeholders and people who are building this project with me will understand if I do not divulge more information at this point.

It is being built.

Karavan Blockchain is a platform where companies committed to the circular economy model trade with each other in a safe, secure, scalable, trustworthy, existing, ever evolving environment.

Calling everyone who wants to see, participate, and build something you believe in. I’m building a team. The Team. The team that takes The Ocean Cleanup Project as inspiration and delivers technology to help empower more projects of that nature. More companies like ecover. More people investing their time and money in building the world we want to live in day by day, product by product, PaaS by PaaS, SaaS by SaaS.


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